Multi-Electrode Array Mailing List: MEA-USERS

There is a growing trend toward multi-unit approaches in neurobiology. Recent advances in computer power have enabled the use of arrays of electrodes for simultaneous recording from (and stimulation of) tens or even hundreds of neurons. We reached a critical mass at the First Substrate Integrated Microelectrode Arrays Conference in Reutlingen, Germany in June, 1998. There are now several commercially-available systems for multi-unit recording and stimulation. See Ben Clopton’s excellent web page listing of various vendors:

Resources for Multichannel Recording, and

I have created a mailing list to foster interaction between those using multi-electrode arrays, and those developing technolgies, software, algorithms, etc., that benefit multi-unit approaches.

Relevant topics include:

  • Chronic and acute in-vivo neural probes
  • Multi-electrode cell culture substrates
  • Patterning of cell culture substrates
  • Many-channel data acquisition and processing
  • Real-time and off-line spike-sorting
  • Analysis of correlated neural firing
  • Using multi-electrode arrays to record and stimulate brain slices
  • Silicon neurochips
  • ???

If you wish to join, go to and sign up for the group called ‘mea-users’.