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Steve M. Potter, PhD
Steve M. Potter, PhD

I am now working as a freelance consultant, speaker and writer, based in Ireland. I am willing to travel, or to consult by videoconference.
Since 1986, I have been a neuroscientist and neuroengineer. After earning a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from UCSD and a PhD in neurobiology at UCI, I spent 8 years as Research Faculty at Caltech, and 13 years as a Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Georgia Tech. During my academic career, I accumulated expertise in neural interfacing, neuromodulation, neural computing, and hybrid living/artificial systems. My lab has been working to make artificial intelligence more like natural intelligence, whether by taking ideas from nature or by using actual living neural tissue, as in a hybrot or hybrid neural-robotic system.

I also developed award-winning project-based curricula for my courses in neuroscience and neuroengineering, and have extensive public speaking and writing experience.

I can

  • Perform due diligence for neuro-AI investors.
  • Advise high-tech startups, individuals or large companies on new approaches to AI.
  • Provide guidance, advice and specifications for neural interfacing, neuromodulation, and neural control with multi-electrode arrays and optogenetics.
  • Give seminars or short courses relating to real-world teaching and how to motivate students to learn.
  • Provide reality checks for journalists or other non-scientists in matters related to the future of AI, neuroscience and neurobiology.
  • Help write or edit articles, movie scripts, books, etc., on neuro-related topics including brain-based AI.
  • Help promote citizen-neuroscience, i.e., brain research by lay people, school children and neuro-hackers.

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