Time Lapse Movies

Steve M. Potter and Scott E. Fraser

If your QuickTime movie utility is not showing you every frame, you should use this excellent shareware movie player for Macs: Peter’s Player (hqx, 122K). And don’t forget to give it a lot of RAM in the Get Info box!

1st 2-Photon Time-Lapse movie!

This shows about 2 hours in the life of a culture of rat embryonic hippocampal neurons, a day after plating. This was made in 1994, to test out our environmental control system. The cells are labeled with membrane dye, DiO. (1.3 megs)

2-photon microscope image of neurons growing in vitro
First ever 2-photon microscope time-lapse movie of neurons growing in vitro

Transplant to Brain Slice!

This shows the first ever 2-photon 3D time-lapse movie of living brain tissue, made in 1995. Embryonic rat hippocampal neurons were labeled in suspension with membrane dye, DiO, and seeded onto a slice from a newborn rat hippocampus. After one day, the cells have migrated throughout the slice. This movie is projection of a 40 um thick section series, collected every 15 min for 8 hours. You can also download a 3D Stereo Pair movie, for cross-eyed viewing (2 megs).