Neuro Book Reading Assignment Neuro Book Reviews

written by Prof. Potter’s Students

Introductory Neuroscience BMED/BIOL4752

Fall 2010 — Prof. Steve M. Potter

  1. Banton, Shereka
    – The Psychology Of Flavour
  2. Bari, Bilal – The
    Mind & The Brain – Neuroplasticity And The Power Of Mental Force
  3. Baro, Jorge – A
    User’s Guide To The Brain – Perception, Attention, And The Four Theatres Of The
  4. Bicknese, Amelia
    – This Is Your Brain On Music – The Science Of A Human Obsession
  5. Bourgeois, Neil
    – Cerebral Palsy – A Complete Guide For Caregiving
  6. Burns, Ashleigh
    – The Emotional Brain – The Mysterious Underpinnings Of Emotional Life
  7. Carlson, Carolyn
    – The Seven Sins Of Memory – How The Mind Forgets And Remembers
  8. Carlson, Jennifer :Rewire Your Brain:Think Your Way To A Better Life
  9. Chang, Regina –
    Inner Navigation – Why We Get Lost In The World And How We Find Our Way
  10. Conn, Joseph –
    How The Body Shapes The Mind
  11. Cookson,
    Savannah – Over My Head – A Doctor’s Own Story Of Head Injury From The Inside
    Looking Out
  12. Dalapati,
    Arghaya – Blink – The Power Of Thinking Without Thinking
  13. Ganju, Rohit –
    The Mind Of A Mnemonist – A Little Book About A Vast Memory
  14. Giardina,
    Christopher – Molecular Neuropharmacology – A Foundation For Clinical
  15. Gil, Jhordan –
    Wider Than The Sky – The Phenomenal Gift Of Consciousness
  16. Graves,
    Christina – Sleep – A Great Overview Of Sleep Disorders
  17. Gray, Kevin: Descartes’ Error :Emotion, Reason, And The Human Brain
  18. Hawes, James –
    Brain Sense – The Science Of The Senses And How We Process The World Around Us
  19. Henry, Ashley:
    Impulse Control Disorders:Psychological Disorders
  20. Holcomb, Jessica: Synaptic Self: How Our Brains Become Who We Are
  21. Hsu, Immanuel –
    Memory – From Mind To Molecules
  22. Im, Sonia – Boo!
    Culture, Experience, And The Startle Reflex
  23. Ivie, Nolan -The
    Scientific American Day In The Life Of Your Brain
  24. Katdare, Varun –
    Provocative Therapy
  25. Kiani, Mehdi –
    Implantable Neural Prostheses 1 – Devices And Applications
  26. Kim, Jenny –
    Better Than Well – American Medicine Meets The American Dream
  27. Knabe, Steven –
    How The Mind Works
  28. Koenig, Seth –
    Cognitive Neuroscience Of Emotion
  29. Liyanagamage, Shanie
    – The Mystery Of The Crystal Skulls
  30. Luce, Lindsay – Plasticity Of
    The Neuromuscular System (Novartis Foundation Symposia)
  31. Mcmenamin, Peter
    – More Than Human – Embracing The Promise Of Biological Enhancement
  32. Monroe,
    Alexandra – Language And The Brain (Cambridge Approaches To Linguistics)
  33. Natrajan, Mohan
    – The Wisdom Paradox – How Your Mind Can Grow Stronger As Your Brain Grows
  34. Pan, Tao – Mood
    And Anxiety Related Phenotypes In Mice – Characterization Using Behavioral
  35. Pandya, Shivam :The Man Who Lost His Language: A Case Of Aphasia
  36. Parekh, Amit –
    Exploring The World Of Lucid Dreaming
  37. Paschall, Amy –
    Fatigue Study – The Elimination Of Humanity’s Greatest Unnecessary Waste
  38. Patel, Dhruti –
    The Man Who Tasted Shapes
  39. Patel, Hitesh –
    Eye And Brain
  40. Patel, Shawn –
    The Cognitive Neuroscience Of Vision
  41. Price, Courtney
    – Alternating Hemiplegia Of Childhood
  42. Probst, Marian –
    Sleep -The Complete Guide To Sleep Disorders And A
    Better Night’s Sleep
  43. Tan, Christopher
    – Sleep Medicine – Essentials And Review
  44. Thames, Bethany
    – Fatigue As A Window To The Brain
  45. Tsay, Justin –
    The Oxytocin Factor – Tapping The Hormone Of Calm, Love, And Healing
  46. Vanloozen,
    Josephine – Head Cases – Stories Of Brain Injury And Its Aftermath
  47. Wetherington,
    Sarah – Brain Architecture – Understanding The Basic Plan
  48. Williams, James
    – The Accidental Mind – How Brain Evolution Has Given Us Love, Memory, Dreams,
    And God
  49. Yoo, Keunhwa –
    The Moral Challenge Of Alzheimer Disease – Ethical Issues From Diagnosis To
  50. Yoo, Se –
    Migraine And Other Headaches