Wikipedia Article Assignment for IntroNeuro

Neuro Wikipedia Articles by Potter’s Students

Georgia Institute of Technology

Department of Biomedical Engineering
BMED/BIOL4752 Fall 2010 IntroNeuro

Prof. Steve M. Potter

Look in the View History tab on Wikipedia for the student’s username to see their contribution to the article. Most articles were created by my students; some were “stubs” they expanded to full articles.

student’s Wikipedia username, “Page title”

  1. Bbari3, “Perineuronal net”
  2. ccarlson6, “Choice-Supportive Bias”
  3. jcarlson6, “Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation”
  4. Chrisgiardina “Clinical Neurochemistry”
  5. ihsu6, “Subgranular zone”
  6. syim1288, “Jumping Frenchmen of Maine”
  7. Gth807e, “Activation-synthesis hypothesis”
  8. Vkatdare3 “Anti-MAG Peripheral Neuropathy”
  9. jkim309, “Apotemnophilia”
  10. skoenig3, “Emotional Lateralization”
  11. Sliyanagamage3, “Chronesthesia”
  12. Lluce3, “Motor unit plasticity”
  13. Pmcmenamin3, “Neurotrophic electrode”
  14. TaoPan, “Animal model of depression”
  15. spandya3, “Nominal aphasia”
  16. Aparekh3 “Secondary Consciousness”
  17. Apaschall3, “Sopite syndrome”
  18. dhru4you, “ALLOCHIRIA”
  19. 13134798, “Vision Restoration Therapy”
  20. Courtney Price, “Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood”
  21. Bethany Thames, “Auditory fatigue”
  22. Jvanloozen3, “closed head injury”
  23. Swethering3, “Dentate nucleus”
  24. jwilliams43, “Malleable Intelligence”
  25. mickeymose “Alzheimer’s Disease biomarker”
  26. Srbanton, “Aftertaste”
  27. JorgeBaro “Neural Adaptation”
  28. ameliabicknese, “Copper Deficiency”
  29. NBourgeois, “Diplegia”
  30. Aburns3, “Neurofibrillary Tangle”
  31. reginachang, “Topographical disorientation”
  32. Jconn3, “Body Schema”
  33. Adalapati3, “Thin-slicing”
  34. Rohit.ganju, “Mnemonist”
  35. jgil3, “Primary Consciousness”
  36. Christina Graves, “Delta Wave”
  37. DaKdeGO, “Sensory stimulation therapy”
  38. Jhawes3, “Sensation (psychology)”
  39. Ashleyhenry, “Utilization Behavior”
  40. Jholcomb6, “Synaptic Plasticity”
  41. Mkiani3, “Neurostimulation”
  42. Sknabe3, “Neurorobotics”
  43. Amonroe3, “Bilingual Interactive Activation Plus (BIA+)”
  44. Mohan.k.natrajan, “Neuroplastic effects of pollution”
  45. Hpatel35, “Spatial view cells”
  46. Gtg849v, “Alpha Wave”
  47. ctan7, “Somnology”
  48. gth742d, “SUNCT”